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Ben Herrmann
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Although I'm relatively new to the E-PL5, I must say that....

...this camera is a superb photographic platform.  And short of getting the OMD EM-5, you can't go wrong.  As you know by now, this E-PL5 is the ideal back-up camera to the likes of the EM_5 - with a very solid build quality, yet the body itself is just a tad larger (if that) than various enthusiast all-in-one models by various brands.

When I first ordered the camera (because it was only $549 on B&H for a short time period), I was assuming that it would be an amateur model - but boy, when it arrived, I was taken aback at how well built this camera really is.

My copy of the 14-42 II R lens (that came with the camera) is actually very, very good from what I've seen so far (and let's face it, there are copy-to-copy variations among all lenses).  But I saw a deal for a new Oly 12-50 lens for only $230 on another website (the gent purchased an OMD and didn't want the 12-50, so he let it go for a ridiculously cheap amount).  I was surprised that the 12-50 that I bought from him was a really nice copy also (noooo - it will never match the likes of the Zuiko 12-60 on the 4/3 size of the house), but it's 24 MM wide end is really great for scenic photography.

The only other lens that I'm looking at - 'cause I'm looking for flexibility here - is the Oly 14-150.  I realize that none of these lenses will achieve "prime lens" clarity - my gosh, that's a given.  But for this camera, I think I'd be satisfied with all 3 mentioned.  I should mention that I already have the absolutely wonderful Panny 14-45 OIS (which is on my Panny GF-1).  I've found that the clarity and definition levels of this lens is much better than the Oly 14-42 and 12-50 lenses - and it only costs around $260 USD (give or take $10 USD) depending on where you purchase it. So by all means, don't discount this lens (and yes, it comes with a hood - no having to purchase one separately).

The only other thing that I could add is that for me personally, I find the high ISO capabilities of the E-PL5 to be stunning.  I've shot a few scenes (nuttin' special in regards to composition or anything like that) at ISO's 2000 through 3200 and I was pleasantly taken aback at the lack of noise - not to mention the superb color renditions at those levels.  When I think about how 4/3 first was (and I was on board with the 4/3 movement from the beginning), the thought of getting such regular DSLR-like high ISO (meaning, clean....) levels was beyond imagination at the time.  It's wonderful what an on-going R&D process can achieve - and they (the pundits) once said it could never be accomplished with these smaller sensors (smaller, meaning in comparison to DSLR-sized models).

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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