How to choose a Nikon FX DSLR according to Thom

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Re: How to choose a Nikon FX DSLR according to Thom

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Actually, Thom has noted this but has not been banging a shoe on the table, yet. Can’t pull up the postings at the moment but one recently was in the context of an overall discussion of the current state of Nikon, in particular, apparent lapses in quality control (D800 AF and D600 internal contamination).

Regarding Thom’s writing, I consider it to be one of my mainstays in staying abreast of what is going on within photography, not just Nikon. I moved to Nikon system in 2008 so his postings have been invaluable to me as I have built out my kit. He generally provides a balanced and reasoned analysis on gear with useful and practical advice. In fact, when I look at some of the decisions I have made within the last couple of years, wish I had paid a little more attention because in most instances, he was dead on.

In December, I jumped on the D600 specials even though I have a D700. The pricing was too good to resist and the new 24mp sensor was the attraction. I don't regret the purchase but would confirm his FX analysis as it relates to the D700. I intend to sell one or the other but have not made the decision, yet. It is not an easy one. There are compelling plus's and minus's with each camera....though would have to say fewer minus with the D700. I intend post on this after I have sorted it out.


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