B&W photography-how u do it with nex ?

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Re: B&W photography-how u do it with nex ?

However good Nik's Silver Efex software is, I HATE the way it ruins the workflow in lightroom. You basically slip out of lightroom, lose lightroom's ability to remember what you have done to process an image (!), and have to work with additional tiff files that litter your hard drive (it's not so bad in photoshop because it will remember the steps you take in Efex).

Instead, I use the wonderful Xel preset system: http://x-equals.com/blog/19-99-xel-black-and-white-tookit/

This offers a multitude of film emulations, toning, paper etc, and you remain fully within lightroom, with all your processing steps remembered. Unlike Silver Efex, it's cheap enough to be a no-brainer if you want to try it out.

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