Nikon is working on a mirrorless APS-C camera system

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Re: Nikon is working on a mirrorless APS-C camera system

I don't have any complaints about my J1.  Maybe that is because I am not highly critical of it and give a pass on many things because I can essentially shove it in my pocket and take it anywhere.  Maybe there are some technical issues that Nikon will have to overcome, or maybe early adopters will just have to live with a slight delay in the live view update.  But in my mind, the V2 steps on the toes of the very highest end dslrs in every way except image quality, weather sealing, and lens availability.  But I am sure if Nikon is truly committed to this cx format, those 3 issues will be continuously improved.  Maybe a mirrorless aps-c d7000 replacement is coming?  I am not holding my breath just yet, but I also would not be totally shocked.

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