Upgrading from an SD950IS

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Upgrading from an SD950IS

I've had an SD950IS since March 2008 and have been pretty happy with it for the most part. There are times I'd like more zoom, times I'd like better wide angle and it really doesn't do action well unless you get close enough at the right angle with good light. But it fits my lifestyle the pix are not that bad at all. Oh and I do take a lot of macro pix too, I am often in the woods hiking and biking.

This summer I am taking a wildlife trip. I'm thinking I'd like to upgrade to something with a bit better zoom, but would still like to keep it small.

My first camera was a Ricoh KR-10 and one of my favorite daily lens was a fixed 135mm. I also had a 50-200 zoom that worked pretty well, but I never did anything like this trip before.

I've also borrowed a Nikon D200, and while it was gorgeous, it was way too big! It was on a similar trip and I was biking around and I ended up having to put it in my backpack else it would swing around from my back and hit the handlebars. That had a 70-200 zoom on it.

So now first question - why did the 200 on the Nikon seem SOOOO much closer than on the Canon? (more so than I'd expect from a 133 vs 200). Gee, I see that and wonder if a 200-300mm would suffice. Do the focal equivalents on the compact digitals not match up with the lenses on the DSLRs? Forgive the dumb question, but I haven't researched cameras since 2000 and there weren't many out there!

Wondering if anyone can toss out some ideas. I've obviously gone through the buying guide and have a list from there. I've been looking at the higher zoom cameras. I'd like to stay under $500. I have a coworker with an SX40 which does intrigue me but I think that would be about as big as I'd like to go. Another co-worker insists I want to upgrade to DSLR and just use one lens but I do think that will put me over my budget plus be bigger than I want to deal with for active stuff (hiking/biking). I love that the SD950 fits in my pocket or the front pocket of my backpack (I don't think I'll get rid of it either). I'm willing to give up some pocketability for better zoom and action shots. It seems some of the current super-zoom cameras have huge issues with low light.... I do print some of my work, but not often. 8x10 is my normal size but I have blown up a couple of shots for 16x20 canvas and was pleased with how they came out. I typically keep it on auto but I do use other settings and coming from a fully manual background, I have no qualms about playing with settings. I do require AF though! My Ricoh was manual and that was my only complaint about it.

I'm hoping Jerry sees this, as I see he just bought a "new" SD950 so he knows what I'm working with now.

Thanks all - sorry for the dumb questions but wow there is such a thing as too many choices!


Nikon D200 Pentax K-r Sigma SD9
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