12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

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Re: Panasonic defense hour

ryan2007 wrote:

Francis Carver wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

I have read complaints about the viewfinder and the GH-3 viewfinder is fine.

Since you hard read the GH3 viewfinder related complaints here and there, by now you should probably know that the GH3's viewfinder is anything but "fine" for a whole lot of honest people.

lets assume your vision is bad or you forgot the first rule of photography, take the lens cap off. Oh, remember to use a fully charged battery and you have to turn the camera to the on position. In case you did not know.

If you monitor is not calibrated and or too old their is a good chance that is a contributing factor.

Lens is not sharp -- because the monitor is not calibrated? Now, that a good one. Never heard that one yet, I must say. Must be straight out of the Panasonic CS manual.

yes, the camera is fine and you are looking at a LCD or the better pro quality IPS monitor but let's assume you cheap out and are still using a black and white CRT. Better yet I assume you don't know how to use a photo printer.

If you plan on doing any quality video with the GH-3 you need a constant f-stop lens especially for a zoom lens for best results.

Good luck finding those high performance constant aperture Micro 4/3 zoom lenses, folks.

paasonic 12-35 & 35-100 2.8, unless your an Olympus fanboy robot.

Sounds like you´re close to a giant meldown. Chill out, Panasonic is just a company, not something whose honour you have to defend.

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