Printing problem in Win 7

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Re: Printing problem in Win 7

My solution is an old fashioned one.  I have a docked laptop on the upper level, a desktop on the main level and a desktop on the lower level.  I have a printer physically attached to each one.  The good news is that all the computers can see all the printers (just through Windows 7 networking), so theoretically I could go with a one printer setup.  I actually did have to do that for a few days when 2 of the printers ran out of ink at the same time, and I didn't have any spares on hand.  The problems that I had were:

-Constantly running upstairs or downstairs to retrieve printing.

-Thinking a print job was complete, but then finding out that the machine was out of paper.

-I have 2 kids and there are times when all of us are on one of the computers.  I found myself having to yell "PRINTING!" to let them know that a print job was coming.

-There were times when I needed to print out a quick document, but the printer was tied up printing out 50 pages of "Sponge Bob's Guide to Better Living" (not a real book, but you get the point).

-At least once I needed to use legal size paper so I had to go downstairs, change the paper, go back upstairs to print, then go back downstairs to retrieve my printing.

Overall, I know its not the most cost efficient printing set up to have a printer attached to each computer, but it is the most time efficient, and is the easiest to use.  I also have one other laptop that moves around the house depending on who is using it, and we just print to whatever printer we happen to be near at the time.  I never print from my Ipad, so I've never even looked at how that might work.

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