Nikon D3200 Blurry. Not happy

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Some considerations on higher pixel density camera sensors

It is an old thread, but it can be usefull for some one using a searching engine.

Additionally to eventual front/back focus, you would have expect more blurring when see an image at 100% in cameras with different pixel density. The D3200 has the doulble of pictures than the D300 at the same sensor size, so they have quite different pixel density.

The lens limitations will be more evident and perfectly detectable for lower end range - that is one reason most people that go to D800 try to use insanely great quality lenses! Add to that more reflaction and other optical artifacts and you have a big source for headache.

If all above is not sufficient, the camera handling is much more critical as you increase the pixel density (all other variables maintained same). It is easy to check even the slight instability can ruin an image at a higher density image sensor.

My suggestion is to check the camera for front/back focus, get the best lenses you can, to work on appropriate lens aperture and to invest in your technique.

There is no free lunch!

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