Spyder3 Pro giving red/pink colour cast during calibration of greys?

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Spyder3 Pro giving red/pink colour cast during calibration of greys?

Hi folks,

I'll try and give as much info as possible (forgive me if I go overboard!) and if anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful!

I've been using the Spyder3 Pro without any problems on my old laptop, but have finally had to replace the laptop with a new Samsung NP350E7C-S02UK (intel core i7, Windows 8, with an AMD Radeon HD7670M graphics card).

I'm running what I believe is the latest version of the Spyder software (version 4.0.2).

During calibration, the Spyder works its way through black and white and the various shades of Red, Green, Blue. However, quite suddenly, when it comes to one of the the greys, a red/pink colour cast appears on the screen. It then seems (based on visible appearance) to lessen slightly as it goes through the rest of the greys, but is still there at the end of calibration.

It is most noticeable on things like a blank Word document, or the Google homepage, which are (I believe) pure white.

I have done a lot of searching the net for solutions (and have contacted Datacolor direct - although their answer was confusing - more of that later) and come across suggestions such as "blue push", "wide gamut screens" "graphics card control panels" and so on - none of which make much sense to me (I'm not an IT expert!).

The Datacolor response seemed to relate to my graphics card control panel - they suggested that the control panel was somehow interfering with the loading up of the calibrated profile when the laptop starts up. However, this seems only to relate to what happens AFTER calibration, when the laptop is being booted up - it doesn't explain why the red appears in the first place - i.e. during calibration.

So - any ideas? Is it the Spyder, the laptop, the graphics card, Windows 8, or something entirely different??

Feel free to ask for more info - though as I said I'm no IT expert.



Samsung i7
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