Impressive Dynamic Colors (Superficial/Artificial) vs Washed Out Faded Colors (Originality/Natural)

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To fake or not to fake color rendering?

You stated a good questions and I am making them in the last three decades. Follow some of my own observations:

  1. We do not see with our sensory organs (eyes) but with our mind. It means all we see are processed by our brain to generate our impressions. One scene in the real world has different impact on our brain than when the same scene is registered on a bidimensionl paper. Changing composition, DoF and color saturation are the regular ways to try to cope with the intrisic limitation of the printed (or on screen) media and to try generate the same (or other) sensations to the brain of the viewer
  2. In the last three generations color TV was an important part of the life. The super saturated images are a technical compensation for the general poor image quality but the collateral is the paradigm of people for bidimensional images went to more saturated colors than the actual scene
  3. There are some people casting on the electronic (modern) postprocessing the guilt for so "distorted" color images available currently and missing "the old gold times" when it was not manipulated. Oh, what so absurd statement! I do not know a single film (either positive or negative color) that can provide exactly "real" colors. Even famous PRO medias like Velvia and Kodachrome present absolute crazy color rendering if you really look for "real colors"
  4. Except for a few applications (usually tied to scientific activities) people are not looking for "real images", but "convenient sensations"
  5. Probably even you if see an image rendering absolute real tones and colors will not like them. It is the "natural" human trend in their search for sensations... of course there are people that exagerate on the dosis, at last for the taste of some other ones. But c´est la vie, mon cher ami...

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