FZ200 First Impressions

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Re: FZ200 First Impressions

clv100 wrote:

But the noise in still images is crazy!

It may be worth trying:

Photo Style Vivid or Standard, with i.Resolution ON, and with:

Contrast 0, Saturation 0, Sharpness -2 (or some say -1) and NR -2.

(And some people like AWB Adjust 2 or 3 clicks left, others don't).

(? i.Dynamic, I'm leaving it off for now.)

These settings have come out of the long thread about "FZ200 - Optimum JPEG settings".

I have the Photo Style/Pic Adjusts on the FN1 button. Thus it is quick and easy to hype up or tone down the image by increasing or reducing Contrast and/or Saturation from 0. But mostly I leave these on 0.

Then if I get the EV right, I may not need to PP. Optimum EV range is narrow, less than +/- 0.33 EV to my eyes. The look of the colours on the EVF/LCD helps me with this, not the histogram.

Also I like to have Auto Bracket on FN2 and AF Style on FN3. Mostly I don't use the Quick Menu, I don't find it very quick.

I leave Quick AF off,  and leave the camera in AF-S, for battery life


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