12-50 vs. these 3 primes?

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
SkiHound Senior Member • Posts: 2,957
Re: Convenience vs Quality & Speed

Pretty much my thoughts. The 12-50 is a solid kit lens. It covers a very useful focal length range, it has good close focusing abilities, it offers very fast AF, it's weather sealed, it's optimized for video... But, maximum apertures are pretty small and I think the IQ is not close to lenses like the PL25 or Oly 45. I have the standard Zuiko 12-60, it's much larger, much heavier, doesn't AF very fast on the E-M5, but IQ between that and the 12-50 are distinctly different, at least for my copies of the lenses. A standard zoom is very convenient. There are times when changing lenses is inconvenient or just not possible. If you go that route I'd keep one of the fast lenses. I rented the Panny 12-35 for a trip and liked it well but I keep hoping Oly will release a faster, higher quality standard zoom. But I'll keep the PL25 regardless. There are times that a fast aperture lens lets you get shots you just can't get otherwise.

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