Dino Dating Conflicts: Carbon dating suggests less than 40,000 years old.

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and is from the Holocene period

Holocene Period



Quotes from the Jericho article:

"After a few centuries it was abandoned for a second settlement, established in 6800 BCE..."

... omitted text ....

"These represent the first example of portraiture in art history,"

I've a feeling this paragraph depends upon a particular interpretation of the word "portrait". Here on a photography forum we can debate that word too.

Anyway, there is an example a portrait in the form of an ivory sculpture of a girl's head - not from this location I must add - which dates to approximately 20000 years ago. This I recall from a book, I should check whether there are any online references that I can find.


edit: found a link, http://www.historyofinformation.com/expanded.php?id=2492

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