T. Hogan on D800 QC issue

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Re: T. Hogan on D800 QC issue

gl2k wrote:

While I'm not a big fan of such blogs (too many of them seem to serve the sole purpose of attracting visitors to add some clicks) this particular one caught my eye.

Still not a scientific work it gets in accordance with what many of us found to be true on their own cameras.

Scroll down to "The Value of User Data".


As a photographer who has had issues with the D800 I do find it upsetting to see those results.

Truth be told the ONLY people I "know" with perfect D800s and perfect AF are on the web. If you check my post history you'll find me as a staunch supporter of the D800. Even my friends reported INITIALLY no issues.

But as time wore on and we all did jobs with the D800 there was less and less confidence in the camera. I get great results with mine, but on occasion it behaves oddly and does not make me feel confident as I did with previous Nikon bodies or even my old 5DII.

I do hope Nikon catches up to Canon is QC soon. It would not be fun to change systems. As I had mentioned before, I've been able to shoot with the 5DIII and focus is perfect. Shooting with the D800 and the focus is mostly perfect, but it misses a shot on occasion. Does the D800 require some special handling that the Canon does not? If so then the Canon is superior if it allows a larger degree of tolerance while still nailing focus.

Anyway....these discussions come down to a simple matter. Those who have no issues would prefer not to hear about the problems. And those with problems are frustrated with a VERY expensive system and Nikon's complete lack of interest in it's customer base.

But business is all about MATH and I believe Nikon has decided to let the D800 be a troubled camera and the cost of a fix is too much. It's cheaper to take a few lumps and do better with the next cameras.

One thing is for certain: This is a real issue that won't go away. It's part of the D800 history now. Canon had a bad focusing pro body and they weathered it. This is what Nikon will do. The rest of us will simply have to work with the system as is, keep returning cameras and waiting to see what a D900 looks like.


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