A man's gotta do... - Please help with C/C

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Re: A man's gotta do... - Please help with C/C

Hi Gaucho

Many-a-time i have taken images which i felt strong about at the time only to find later that it did not transpose to film(sensor). The time of day, where he might be going and that heavy load which may have been your reasons to take it has not come through on this occasion.. The 20th sec shutter could have helped if it was able to keep him sharp and blurr the rest has done you no favours either. I am a fan of pano crops of street images but can't see it helping as well. That hand of his gripping the bag has got my intrest and if you were closer from the sde a little so we could see his stooped over stance may create more interest but as it stands, i would rather see something else of yours.

Show us something else from there and all the best.


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