How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Re: I dismissed this camera when it first came out because

Craig wrote:

I thought it was overkill with the 36 MP.s and for my needs. I value Low light and speed performance more than the Hi Res image quality. So when i would come here and check out peoples comments and focusing problems it further convinced me that the D800 was not the camera for me.

The D800 has better low light performance than the D700.

I liked the performance of my D3s so much that I wanted the next D700 to be similar. That never happened, so I figured i would live with what I have.

That's fine. There is no need to buy a new camera unless you feel you need it, but the D3s and the D700 are totally different, so which part of the performance you would want in "your" D800? Higher frame rate? For a wedding shooter 4fps should be enough, don't you agree?

But I have to admit the problems I have read here have been blown out of proportion as usual after I started looking at the cameras reviews on other sites too.


The low light performance is on par with the D700 or a tad better?

Exactly. What people WRONGLY is they take 100% images of one camera and compare with 100% images of the other, totally different camera. By comparing different image sizes they claim that the D700 is better than the D800, but that is nonsense. Compared in the same size the D800 beats the D700 at any ISO, not only in noise but also in DR and detail. The additional size may and may not be an advantage for you, but in any case, if you ever get a client who needs cropped images or large prints the 36MP comes handy.

However from what I read more care is needed to get sharp pictures? With the D700 when not using flash I set the camera to 1/100 sec and auto ISO and would be happy up to 6400 Iso shots and that would be using a 85mm 1.4f lens.

It seems to me from what others are saying you need to increase the shutter 1/250 to get decent hand held images so there you basically lose 1 full stop in ISO performance. Yes?

No. That's another Internet hoax. If you can hand hold the D700 and take sharp and well focused images with that camera then you can do the same with the D800 as well. Again, compare equal sizes, not different ones. You may not get maximum resolution at 36MP if you are hand holding at that shutter speed, but the compared with the D700 and downsized to 12MP the D800 images should not be worse. Anyone claiming that with the D800 you need to use 1/250s for the same shot that needed 1/100s have no idea about what he is talking about and just spreading this nonsense further on.

To be honest the file sizes are crazy big. I rarely use any hi speed shot captures so that's not an issue but reviewing files can be slow is that true?

Reviewing files is definitely not slow. If you would experience slowness then your computer has been outdated for several years already anyway, so don't blame the D800... Yes, no doubt that the D800 needs more computing power than the D700, but it is not that a decent computer would not be able to manage it.

I moved from Minolta/Konica/Sony because Sony always went with the most MPs and sacrificing hi iso capabilities so that made me sell out of that system and came to Nikon starting with the D3.

Having the movie feature is ok but not necessary for me. I do take some clips during weddings with the D3s for my slide shows but its a pain sometimes..

So I have to admit the D800 camera is much better than I thought, again because I did not give it a chance, so if I get serious to buy another camera I may consider it.

Yes, you have to give it a chance and stop believing every negative post on the Internet. Especially in terms of AF performance, ISO noise and DR I find it amazing. It has it's weaknesses but any wedding pro should be able to handle it.

However I would prefer something like a 16-24mP.s sensor that is like the D3s. I think the 36mp. is overkill for what I need.

Yes, many times 36MP is overkill, but now and then it comes handy.

Good luck with your decision, but like I said, there is no need to buy the D800 or any other camera if you are happy with the D700.

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