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DHviidR wrote:


I'm gonna be purchasing the P7700 in about a week as soon as I get my next paycheck I also wanna get the circular polarizer for it, after seeing a few sample shots taken with it on!

1 thing that's confusing me though, is that 1 website says i need a 40.5mm circular polarizing filter and another says i need a 58mm circular polarizing filter... Which one is the one I need for the P7700??

Are there other filters that I can get for the P7700? (like a fisheye, for ex)

Also, do any of you know where I can buy it online (preferribly a european (danish or british) online store.

Thanks in advance!

A 40.5 mm filter gets attached directly to the lens - you do not need any additional accessories for this. However, if you want to use larger filter sizes (maybe you already have some from your other cameras), then you also need a step-up ring between the lens and the filter. Step-up ring must be of correct size with 40.5 mm male thread on the camera side and a XX mm female thread on the filter size (to accommodate a XX mm filter).

58 mm filters can also be attached to the front of the lens hood designed for the P7700 (which you will have to get first - it is a good idea to have one because P7700 is prone to lens flare at wide settings). Lens hood attaches directly to the lens (the same as 40.5 mm filters) and it has a 58 mm female thread at the front to accept filters of this size.

A fisheye would be an additional lens (or converter) - if it exists at all - which would be much heavier than a filter. So no, you should not attach anything this heavy directly to the lens (or lens hood) since it would introduce an excessive radial stress to the lens mechanism, possibly damaging it.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards, T.

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