Trying to Choose New Camera and Lenses: Sony NEX vs Olympus OM-D

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Trying to Choose New Camera and Lenses: Sony NEX vs Olympus OM-D

Dear All,

I am new to the forum and this is a first post. I am intending to purchase a new camera system and, at the risk of repetition of some aspects of my questions with other posts here, I have tried to explain my particular context and would be very grateful for any input!

I intend to use the system for (amateur) portrait/glamour and general travel photography. I am not an experienced photographer (own at present Sony RX100) but am keen to learn, particularly lighting arrangements for portrait work. Have done a lot of reading recently, including here!

Important for me is a compact and light system (for travel, general ease of use; hence Micro 4/3, NEX). Also need compatibility with external flashes, etc, and suitable apertures for DOF and low light performance (indoor portrait work).

My favoured options are currently Micro 4/3 (around Olympus OMD) or Sony NEX (around 5R or 6)(DSLRs are too heavy and bulky). I love the compactness and feel of the OMD but the Sony’s are cheaper and maybe low light performance is better? Between the Sony’s, I like the compactness of the 5R but I fear it will be unsuitable due to the non-standard interface for external flash options.

My current summary of options of camera and lenses (including the 35mm EQ values):

Olympus OM-D (maybe without standard 12-50mm kit lens as it looks pretty bulky!)
Lumix 25mm/1.4 (EQ: 50mm/2.8)
Olympus 45mm/1.8 (EQ: 90mm/3.6)
Panasonic 20mm/1.7 (EQ: 40mm/3.4)
Panasonic Vario zoom 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 (EQ: 28-84mm/7-11.2) (for general use, travel)

NEX6 (or Sony 5R)(maybe including new 16-50mm 3.5-5.6, EQ: 24-75mm/5.2-8.4 as it is quite compact)
Sony 50mm/1.8 (EQ: 75mm/2.7)
Sony 35mm/1.8 (EQ: 52mm/2.7)

Current: Sony RX100 (10.4-37.1mm/1.8-4.9, EQ: 28-100mm/4.9-13)

My particular questions are:

- Which system would be best overall for portrait work and general travel?
- What would be a good initial selection of lenses with each system (trade off between cost and overall flexibility). Any others I should consider? (e.g. other zoom for OMD as most kit lenses seem to have slow apertures)
- P.s. Have I correctly converted the specs into EQ numbers (for comparability)?

Apologies for long post! Any input much appreciated!

Thanks, Clark

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