Great Blue Herons in winter with D800 + 300 f/2.8 VR II + TC20-E III

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JP Scherrer wrote:

tommiejeep wrote:

Nice shots, particularly given the conditions . Were you locking down the head on the tripod? If not why not use the VR?


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Hi !

I used a gimbal and tripod, with the camera just slightly constrained in all directions, and usually not using VR when on tripod and using shutter-speed above 1:500 or so !

JP, I shoot the 500vr and tcs the same way but use the vr most of the time down to 1/125, I shoot the 300 2.8vr and TC2 III with the D3S most of the time or with the D300s in good light.

Forget my PP but these are a couple of my favs. and some slow speed handheld


Whites in the sun

Handheld while waiting on the Raptors.

handheld, wide open at f5.6

Handheld 1/125

one shot wonder! I spend a lot of time trying to nail one of will happen

I still prefer the TC1.7 and normally can shoot the TC2 at f7.1 or f8 with the D3S. I have spent many shots on the VR on vs vr off including the 1/500 issue. I would try vr-on, particularly on a loose gimbal.

Cheers again and I still have not cracked image posting


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Anticipate the Light and wing it when you get it wrong

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