Nikon V2 vs Sony RX100

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Re: familiar N1 green cast lives on in the V2

It might have been interesting to see what each camera did when set to auto intelligent mode rather than trying to get the cameras to shoot at the same settings.

I have always been impressed by the quality of the N1 lenses and I am equally impressed by what the Sony Rx100 manages to pack into such a small body.

If I wanted to use just a x4 type lens, I would go with the RX, it has a x3.6 zoom but it also has a doubler to x7.2 that gives quite a remarkable result though you lose some metering and focus point control when using that mode, so you get your needs in a single small package. If I wanted to be able to use a wide range of lens lengths, particularly for wildlife, I would go with the N1, the viewfinder alone is an advantage that should not be under-estimated.

I think with the RX you have to 'know' the camera to get the best out of it and be mindful of white balance, which I think is the main issue with night scene shown above. With correct WB, the real differences in the shot would be more apparant. The RX high res sensor does allow you to crop out the softer corners - though that is not helpful if you want the ultra wide shot.

The Sony also has a twilight mode that takes 6 high ISO shots at night and overlays them to give a high ISO result with relatively less noise due to the stacking - not useful though for moving subjects but can help with static city scenes and lit up churches etc - though it is an auto mode and therefore WB etc is determind by the system.

I suppose what I am saying is that as helpful as the images set out to be - there are other factors that they do not capture and so you could not really make a camera choice based on those images, as interesting as they are.

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