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Re: Why ... oh why .....

my (unasked..) opinion is that if You are too much interested in the camera, You are not too much interested in taking photographies and really evolving as a photographer.

ALL the relfex cameras today are at a decent level, if not good. With all of them You can take wonderful photos. Just go out and do it.

The way to become a "photographer" is a long wonderful road and for many reasons does not essentially depends on what camera You have in Your hands, but if You are able or not of dominate the light and realize what You have in Your head.

Sigma cameras are full of faults, and it's not so strange that in a forum we can also talk about it; on the other hand Sigma cameras are unique, and again it's of this unicity that sometimes we talk about in the forums.

In any way, don't become slave of the machine... go out and make some click click ... learn to photograph!! (me I'm trying to do this, and every progress I learn that I'm ony at the beginning)


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