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Re: HP Deskjet 1220c

Alright, so I've arrived home and tried the settings you suggested but it's still blank, feeding and moving like it's printing but blank.

Talked to a graphic designer at work today and she has the same issue with TWO Canon's at her home, being that it won't print to "normal" paper stock, she has set the printer to print permanently photo stock.

I've tried to find HP Photo stock ICC profiles, just in case but can't find them to suit this printer model (because it's ancient). It's as though as soon as it hits 1200x1200dpi or above, it just won't print (with ink).

Here's a screen-cap of my settings to make sure it isn't something invisible to my stupid-self! The weird thing is - I can actually hear it spraying the ink, it's like a high-pitched whine when actually printing, yet with this - no whine.. I can see the file going to the printer is 60 to 80mb so it's definitely getting it, and it's USB so it's fine. I've set it to both print after totally spooled and print instantly in case it's a buffer issue but no change.

Let me know if there's any other screen caps that'll help.

Colour or B&W doesn't change result.

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