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Re: More guessing

Roland Karlsson wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

I don't "know" hence "I'm guessing" which is based on the fact that he used the highest resolution camera equipment that was possible to transport rather than say 35mm film.

More guessing:

Medium format is bigger than 35 mm FF.

Scanning backs (e.g. betterlight) are even bigger.

And then we always can do stitching today.

I'm not sure I understand your point, mine was that we know Ansel was willing to carry bulky 4x5 equipment around until age ment he found 6x6 easier to deal with. The most obvious conclusion to draw from that for me is that he'd likely have been willing to carry digital equipment of the same or lesser bulk thats still alot larger than a DP 1/2 M but provides greater resolution.

I'm not of course saying that everyone has to follow his example, the DP 1/2 M do as I said seem to provide the best low ISO image quality of any cameras there size so are obviously a good choice for people not willing to transport the bulk for whatever reason, if I had the funds I'd definately considered the DP1M as a backup I could take anywhere. Why not be happy with that rather than trying to create the impression there cameras that someone like Ansel would likely have considered?

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