why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

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Re: why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

coder01 wrote:

here is the entire question.

I own a nikon d7000. I takes beautiful pictures. When I download them to my macbook pro the photos look terrific in iPhoto. When I print them the colors do not match and the image is dark.

Now, before you answer about color profiles and monitor display, let me add some more.

If a good camera takes a photo and that data looks good on the computer with its bright, bright white display why does it need correction to go onto paper. Does this not suggest then that the camera is not capturing the color in the right lighting ? Why doesn't the color look poor on the display and subsequently good on the paper ?

The data from the camera is not being optimized by iphoto or adobe PE for that matter when it is displayed is it , I would think it is being shown as the camera recorded it ? If the camera recorded it right should it be able to be transferred directly to the paper, with it's corresponding ICC profile and look terrific ?

Why do I have to brighten the photo for printing always ? Doesnt this imply the camera is always underexposing it ?

Thanks for your explanations.

Last year I visited with a Photographic expo. The Canon Pro1 was still awaiting release here. The Canon stand had a number of high profile Professionals supporting their products with demonstrations. I was fascinated to see the quality of the printed output when one demonstration printed directly from the a Canon 5D IIIdirectly via the Pro1. What he said was that this was only possible because all the components shared the same presets and colour management.  BUT, he still had to tweek the camera to NEUTRAL, the printer to NEUTRAL and use a specific CANON paper!

I may be wrong here, happy to stand corrected, but it seems to me that all sensors are not exactly the same (cross Brand) thus the RAW image even may differ between brands. Then overlay the presets applied by the internal software (of each brand of camera) and what is seen on the rear screen is their own REPRESENTATION of .jpg? ( can have this bit wrong) Next step is to take it into your computer with its own representation of colour etc and peek at their display which matches the computer but not the camera then correct it via that and send it to a printer that has a whole other set of values and presets and..........................chaos.

Read 'The Canyon Conundrum and Other adventures in the most Powerful Colorspace' by Dan Margulis  and you will start to get an understanding of the compexities that beset even agreeing what red we all see in a common representation like a national Advertising Billboard on show worldwide let alone an image we shoot on our camera and then try to print.


Have fun with this its a can of worms for sure!

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