Digitizing 35mm slides with the 50mm macro lens?

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Digitizing 35mm slides with the 50mm macro lens?

Myon wrote:

Thank you all for your quick replies,
Godfrey I am looking forward to your results!

Here's the quickie test I promised:

Slide Capture - dropbox.com/.../slide_capture

My recommendation: find yourself a good, dedicated film scanner to capture slides with. The Nikon Coolscans are excellent. The results are easier to produce, faster to setup and keep consistent, and higher quality than using any kind of optical slide copying system.

BTW: Don't laugh at the subject in the test slide. That's my mom at her college graduation in 1986. She was deliriously happy that day, having finally finished her college studies with honors after forty years had elapsed since she started the degree... ! She was a hoot.

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