G15 problem sky

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Re: G15 problem sky

RedFox88 wrote:

The problem of exposure here is the bottom half, or more of the image is in the shadows while there is extremely bright highlights in the top half of the image. There is too wide a range of light for almost any camera to properly record.

One tricky part here is that one can't tell from a JPG whether this or any camera could properly record the scene. The DR of certain sensors has improved considerably in the recent years, with  the in-camera processing algorithms causing more issues. Often one is able to make a considerably better rendering of such a scene in say LR4 from the same raw data. Provided that the exposure is set carefully - as high as possible so that the important highlights are not blown in raw. Unfortunately, in addition to the inability of processing the full sensor DR, the cameras also don't help one expose like this.

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