What to make of DxOMark scores

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Re: What to make of DxOMark scores

husky92 wrote:

Yes, I'm still trying to pick a camera to upgrade to. The XTI has a low light DxOMark score of 664. The t4i has a low light DxO mark score of 722. So in 5 generations, it's gone up about 10%? So if I upgrade to a t4i I can bump up iso by 10% to get similar results to what I see now?

The Nikon D5200 has a DxO mark score of 1284. In the side by side comparisons here on DPreview it does appear to be about a full stop better than the 650D. That's just my subjective view looking at the samples, but it's very hard to tell.

What is the general consensus on DxOMark?

I kind of like the DxOMark tests. They have a scientific approach to their tests. What we do need to be aware of is that DxOMark does not test cameras! They are testing sensors. And a score of 90 vs 80 in some category only tells that pixel by pixel one sensor is a bit better than the other, but the truth is concealed even here. It does not tell which is the better camera! It is also important to look at the graphs, not just the scores. If you study the results yourself, then DxOMark is useful, if you just look at the score, it is at best just misleading.

The same way a camera is just a tool when it comes to photography, DxOMark is just a tool when evaluating cameras. Their tests in combination with other reviews should/could be the basis for your decision. Ergonomics, accessories, dusty sensors, autofocus, lens lineups etc. DxOMark does not tell anything about this, just a pixel by pixel evaluation/analyze of the sensor.

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