Can't decide which camera, X100 or XE1? help

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Re: But will X-E1 be a better focuser than the X100?

kwa_photo wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

This happened to me a lot. The X100 seemed to ignore the obvious central figure. This was a long time ago, and probably with the OVF, but many of my pictures were like this. It would focus on the background.

Is this fixed with the latest X100 software? Will the X-E1 be less prone to this? Probably as the EVF was the one to check focus with on the X100. Comments?

Well, how are you focusing? No matter the camera, I use the single central focus point and NEVER let any camera decide my focus point. I have never had anything remotely like this with the X100.

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This is a common issue, but it is not the camera. It is user error, not understanding how the OVF works and the role that parallax plays. I shoot OVF on the xp1 and x100 almost exclusively, and never have this happen to me.

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