X-Trans sensor in X100S to give it a different 'signature' from the X100?

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Re: X-Trans sensor in X100S to give it a different 'signature' from the X100?

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Does anyone think the new X Trans2 will be different and address some of the concerns of the current X Trans sensor?

Apart from the PDAF nothing changes - the colour array of X-Trans II is identical and will likely present same issues ... non Bayer array conversion.

Yup! In my opinion the only big downside of the X100S is the X-trans sensor. Otherwise it seems like a fantastic camera, with improved focus, Q-button etc.

I own the X100 and the X-E1, and there is no doubt, the X100 sensor gives more pleasing results. The smearing of the X-trans sensor drives me crazy. Low ISO shots with noise is also a problem. Come on Fuji, ISO 400 shots with noise AND smearing (and in reality Fuji ISO400 is more like Canon/Nikon ISO 200). Fuji is cheating with ISO! I really can´t understand why so many here like the X-trans sensor!? I really hope that the next generations of the X cameras uses conventional bayer sensors.

Or is it something wrong with my eyes? My camera?

Do I want to provoke? NO! Am I disappointed? YES! Or maybe I´m just spoiled with my eight year old Canon 5D classic and the X100...

I'm exactly the other way. I love the lens on the X100 but the sensor is weak compared to the one in the X-Pro1. I don't recognise your point about noise at all and the smearing thing is no longer an issue...

Do you shoot raw or jpeg?

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