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ken5678 wrote:

a few things to think about, you will most likely need to adjust the brightness much lower on the monitor if you are going to print. since i print at home i have found having a second monitor used primarily for photo editing to be very helpful. and i keep my main monitor that i use for just about everything else, adjusted to a good viewing brightness.

as far as brightness, for most 'basic' monitors, including my imac, the vertical angle will make quite a difference in brightness. there are a certain style of monitor (i can't remember the nomenclature) that stay pretty much the same brightness as you move your head up / down relative to it and change the angle.


IPS, S-PLS, and S-PVA tft LCD panels all show neglible shift in gamma/color (what you call brightness) when viewed at angles other than straight on.  IPS are OEM'd from LG Display (a division of LG); S-PLS and S-PVA are OEM'd from Samsung's display division.  S-PVA are no longer supplied in volume for monitor displays - Samsung has shifted over to S-PLS.


my dell, U2211H is one of this type. ( most dell monitors are not of this type. ) when i did research on it maybe 2 years ago, the dell was the the only one in what i would call a budget price range. i think i got my 20" wide screen for about $200 US on sale. ( now wish i would have gotten the 22" though). so perhaps one reason a lot of folks recommend the dell is that they make this one line. i like mine a lot. ( however the normal dell monitors i use at work, i'd call run of the mill monitors, no different than anything else out there)


Your Dell uses what is known as an e-IPS panel.  There is some disagreement on what the "e" stands for.  I figure it means "economy".

Dell has several lines of monitors - in general it is their Ultrasharp line that uses IPS panels though there have been exceptions over the years.  Their "E" line uses TN for the most part and their "S" line uses MVA or IPS panels.  Their "P" or Professional line is mostly TN and the only thing pro about it is it has a longer warranty for those pro office clerks to try to wear down.  Definitely not for image editing.


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