New SLR Magic 35mm 1.4 on G3. So smooth.

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Re: New SLR Magic 35mm 1.4 on E-M5

amtberg wrote:

paparazzi666 wrote:

I tested it on the Olympus EPM2. I admit being new to both this lens and the EPM2 so there was much to learn with the new combination to me. My summary so far...

1) It's sharp wide open almost comparable to the now legendary 45mm /1.8 mZuiko.

2) There is nothing available right now that can provide this focal length and speed at this price.

3) Leica M mount lenses that are 35mm/1.4 are more expensive and cannot focus as close.

4) Nikkors AF and Canon AF lenses don't fit on m43 so well as compared to this lens as the aperture and focus control on the SLR magic is more direct.

5) Older MF Nikkors and Canons 35/1.4 lens cannot beat the image quality of this lens at maximum aperture, and those older lenses are now very expensive as well, and more bulky when fitted to m43.

6) I think for the price performance it is an indeed no brainer.

7) Here are samples shot with this combi...but this link leads to my Flickr restricted account containing female please don't click if you are offended by naked girls.

8) For me personally, I have been waiting a long time for a focal length similar to my 75mm Summilux M 1.4. This lens offers a similar focal length and speed. OF course the 35/0.95 SLR MAGIC would be awesome but it is heavier and larger. I am prepared to lose one stop of speed for the usefulness, compactness and weight saving, practicality but may get the 0.95 version for sheer BOKEH. In short I find this focal length very practical for portrait, glamour in available light.

Your comments make me want to buy the lens, but your link requires a password for access.

I wonder why Flickr requires a password for access? Hmmm...maybe this link might be better.

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