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Re: DP2M In Perspective

DMillier wrote:

That's certainly a strong argument against using zooms.

Scottish landscape photographer/educator Bruce Percy argues that zooms discourage the feet movement necessary to search out the strongest compositions and that you never learn instinctively what a subject will look like at a particular focal length because you have a continuously variable selection to hand.

I think there is something in it.

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Is it really? It gives you more options....if you get lazy because of that, it's hardly the gears fault. If you don't have the self-discipline and need a fixed focal length or a tripod to slow you down, that's fine. However, it would be delusional to list these as advantages.

The counterpoint to the OP is that to best utilize one's equipment is always the goal. To deride modern features and performance because some people on a forum don't stress technique is a mistake. Again, the lack of performance isn't a feature.

And yes, I do have a DP2M. I'm just not into fooling myself.

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