What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

Ivar Dahl Larsen wrote:

I would if anyone cares to answer me, like to know; how good is Pentax K30 actually. I have left the FF side, ended up in MFT and quite happy about it, but am missing a DSLR too. And a K30 seems to be a good option, pricewise, lightness and size. So how good is it. My kind of photograpy is mainly people, and street photography.

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i like my k30 and sold my canon 1d series cam. for still photos in day light, it is probably the king for the aps-c size, currently.  the clean iso1600 made me stop waiting on nikon 800. i think k30 is selling at ~$600 body only which has the features only pro body has to offer for the other camp.


i miss the rapid and accurate low light focusing in a pub using canon.

i miss the correct exposure on stage light or photographing wild colors from flowers.  pentax k30 and earlier models tends to ignore over-exposure of the red channel for my shootings.  this may explain why k30 tend to under expose all shots in general.

i miss the gorgeous bokeh 135mm f1.8 sony FF has to offer.

i miss the 20mm 1.8 sigma on a sony FF with anti-shake.

i miss the good solid flash system when shooting with the canon and nikon, bounce +1 ev for main, -1 ev for fill, nice consistent exposures that can be change easily.  bounce with af540 on pentax k30 with compensation isn't friendly; exposure is all over.

wireless pttl? i still haven't figure out how to get consistent flash output, like i would with pocket wizard and manual flash.

i am not crazy about the distinctive 4 dark corners on pentax lense or 3rd party for pentax when shooting f2.8 or higher.  after all, it is an aps-c which should not be having vignette badly liked that, other the suggesting a style or manufacture is going cheap on making lens.

my sore middle finger on the right hand reminds me the grip is too small for my large (US) size hand.

all and all, k30 will satisfy majority of the consumers.

on the other hand, why would you have a mft and miss a dslr?

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Cheers, Jon.

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