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Re: a critique about processing an image

Brad Ross wrote:

I took this image at a plaza in Cuba. I was on a photography tour where we would show each other the shots that we had taken during the day. This is obviously processed. That was first reaction, although the person liked it. The critique that I would like is.....the processing too much and distracts, or if you like it but think that it could be altered, what would be your recommendations

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Brad Ross


Hi Brad,

Brad when I look at your processed shot, one thing came to my mind... there was a magician on the spot who snapped with his fingers and immidiately freeze the whole scene. This is an effect sometimes seen in paintings and it gives me the feel of a kind of need to walk from table to table and ask "please tell me what keeps you busy and what are you talking about", because it looks like a medieval history painting on a cristmass day and who didn't want to know how people live in that time. I find the processing strange but extraordinary appealing and that's good. Of course there are anachronistic elements as it isn't the medieval era but Brad, I wouldn't change a thing. A great expressed atmosphere you shown us here. Maybe the star from Bethlehem could be less present or have a bit texture as it looks so new but, that is such a minor thing.


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