Can't decide which camera, X100 or XE1? help

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Re: Can't decide which camera, X100 or XE1? help

Charuteiro wrote:

wrxpat wrote:

I would mainly use my camera for travel, so size is important (advantage X100 slightly)

I would not mind the fixed 23mm lens, though I would like the occasional wider option (can get wcl-x100 for x100, but then it will cost more than xe1). XE1 has my wide angle covered with the 18-55 zoom.
I like the f2 of the x100 lens, as I like the occasional bokeh shots.

Additional considerations:

(1) Size and Weight: An X-E1 with 18-55mm is significantly larger and heavier than an X100. If the idea is to have a camera in pocket or attaché, then I would choose an X100. If you carry a separate camera bag or otherwise, then X-E1 with a kit zoom for starters and an additional prime(s) at preferred focal length(s);

(2) Video: XE-1 has 1920 x 1080 full HD video, whereas X100 has 1280 x 720;

(3) Menus and Controls: The X-E1 has improvements to the in-camera menu system and on-camera controls.

Good luck, you'll be in-business either way!

The size of zoom lens on the xe1 makes it a whole new category than the x100. It feels more like carrying dslr, has that unfortunate T footprint.

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