Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

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Re: Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

Rriley wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

So, what are the downsides that negate the upsides?

Id dispute the 21.6 dimension, as its actually considerably bigger in the firstplace
originally Kodak had it at 18x13.5 243sqmm
then the spec became 17.3x13 225sqmm
which one of those has a 21.6mm baseline ?

The current sensor:  17.3mm x 13mm has a diagonal of 21.6mm.

what you have fashioned is a sensor dimensioned on the diagonal of the Panasonic sensor
but you are using it in the horizontal and vertical dimension
I think you mistook ..., the square sensor would have the same baseline as 43rds
unless people want to argue with me over the practicality of using a 20x15 300sqmm 43rds sensor
but Id have to gather up some of the previously stated views first

How 'bout I phrase it this way:  a sensor that is at least 21.6mm x 21.6mm -- if you want a larger sensor to capture a larger image circle, all the better.

while Im reasonably sure 43rds lenses can hack it, Ive never researched any m43rds glass and Im not sure m43 lenses can take it. The proposition seems somewhat doubtful to me

It's a simple matter to crop away what you don't want, or for the camera to have any number of pre-cropped options for you, or, better yet, user programmable crops.

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