Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

digidownunder wrote:

I feel sorry for you.some brands in some countries are just more forgiving.One of my staff droped an Olympus E3 onto the pavement during a wedding.kept shooting with it though the plastic hinge cover of the LCD broke off.These can only be replaced by pulling the camera apart internally.Guess how much olympus Australia charged me to fix it? Absolutely nothing!!!I also took my E1 in for a service at the same time with a sticking shutter button & rubber grip that needed replacing... the grand total Was about $123.00. and they replaced the shutter swith,gave me old one back .Olympus Australia service was fantastic and cemented my decision to buy more of their products,I think this is an often overlooked avenue when purchasing cameras.

I own Fuji (X100, X10 & X-S1) and Olympus (OM-D and, in the past, E-1 & E-3).  I had 3 year old E-1 that took a lot of abuse.  It was built like a tank.  The CF door release (it rotates to open) on the E-1 stopped working after close to 50,000 images with that E-1.  The repair was $250 and was worth it to me.  I sent it into Oly and they treat their pro-line (E-1, E-3, E-5) customers well.  For that $250, they repaired the door release. They replaced ALL of the weather seal gaskets on the body.  Glued down part of the rubbery body covering that was a little lose from wear. Cleaned the sensor.  Lubed the mirror/shutter mechanisms and did an overall inspection of the camera.  It came back in better condition that I sent it with and it was all due to wear and tear.  THAT is customer service.

I also had to send my X10 and X-S1 in to Edison for the sensor blooming issue.  The X10 was returned to me (a new unit) in 3 days.  Wow.  The X-S1 took a little longer as they did not have any new ones to swap for at the time and didn't have the parts to repair it.  Then, hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and flooded Edison...another delay beyond their control.  Steve emailed and called me - he was VERY helpful.  As soon as they could, they had a new X-S1 to me via overnight FedEx prior to a vacation I was scheduled to take in a few days.  That was also good service.

I can see how a cracked VF "may" be related to that EVF/OVF switch.  Maybe the switch itself is functional internally, but the hardwired electrical connection may have been impacted by the crack? It's possible I suppose.  This is just speculation. If that crack has ZERO to do with the issue, then I can't see why they wouldn't repair it.  Otherwise, you have to have a pristine/mint camera to have service and I just don't see that happening or Fuji requiring that at all.

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