Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Companies rule this nation and get away with what would amounts to murder in Europe and maybe even North America (another place where customers get hammered, but not quite as badly).

American consumers get hammered? This is the only place in the world where people routinely buy multiple cameras and send most or all back for a refund after trying them out, or when the one they bought goes on sale $50 cheaper at another vendor so they return theirs and order one from the cheaper vendor.

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I even got replaced for free some damaged tools (not my fault) after more than a year and no receipt. No, no you can't get it better than North America.

But you have little protection from the state. That is what I'm talking about. Consumer protection and investment is simply the most thorough in Europe. I won't argue that you CAN get good service anywhere, but the protections put in place at the highest level are what I am talking about, not at the private, corporate level.

Service at the private level is tantamount to he says she says, while at the state level, it is law across every service, every product. In Japan, corporations hold much much more power than the government and do as they please. Some do well, but the majority are perverse lords who love to smile while sticking their gooey fingers up your ars.

Yes, I got it, I of course agree with you on Japan. I do moonshine part of the year in Europe and in general the after-purchase service was so far worse than here.

Again, Europe isn't about the stores, it's about the state. At the very highest level, you have heaps of protection. What the store shows is their minimum. But things go far beyond that. If we graded on stores alone, and off the cuff estimation, America would probably win. You have myriad good options. I am only referring to the security the consumer has at the state level, which trumps the guarantees of the stores.

You have two years parts and replacement for manufacturer defaults at the minimum. It takes time, which is the problem, but works amazingly almost always better than any other system.

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