Best MILC for Complete Photography Novice

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Re: Best MILC for Complete Photography Novice

DtEW wrote:

Haplo859 wrote:

4. Any other recommendations for quality P&S. Looks like the Panasonic LX7 (~$400) is about $125 cheaper than the other two options so that looks like a solid option.

Well, you would be remiss to fail to consider the originator and arguably leader of this category of cameras, the Canon G-series, currently at G15 (

...and where there is Canon, there is of course Nikon, with their P7700 (

Such tiny names easily missed, right? ;--)

The Canon G-series, Nikon Coolpix P7xxx series, the Olympus XZ-2 and Panasonic LX7 quartet comprise the "advanced P&S class" of cameras, and can 1) produce great results, 2) is a great introduction to advanced, hands-on photography, 3) isn't going to break the bank, and 4) isn't really going to challenge any of the MILCs you are considering for image quality and flexibility.

(The Sony RX100 is a more unique camera and considered more of an one-upped version of the Canon S110. It doesn't quite have any direct competitors at the moment. Its pricing reflects the fact that it has a sensor almost three times (~2.7x) as large (and the requisite lens to cover that sensor; that same "f/1.8" is not really the same thing) as those from the prior quartet. But even that isn't going to really match any of the MILCs you are considering for image quality and flexibility.)

Here, read this.

So now I'm a bit confused. When you say that the advanced P&S cameras won't challenge any of the MILCs are you comparing them to MILC's with the default lens set or assuming that if I went with the MILC I'd also pick up a fast lens? Is this an accurate ranking of image quality:

1. Sony NEX-C3/NEX-F3 (with fast lens)

2. Sony NEX-5N (fast lens)

3. Panasonic GX1 (fast lens)

4TIE. Sony NEX-C3/NEX-F3 (default lens only)

4TIE. Sony NEX-5N (default lens only)

4TIE. Premium P&S Cameras. I.E. Panasonic LX7

5.  Panasonic GX1 (default lens only)

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