X-trans sensor problem?

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Re: X-trans sensor problem?

viking79 wrote:

"A product is the total package. Having a newfangled sensor in a camera is 1/2 of the product, the other half being high quality RAW conversion support required for the innovative sensor design. Hence the product has been shipped unfinished."

And other similar comments, he isn't helpful at all in how you can reduce the problems at all in Adobe Lightroom (change sharpening settings). The blog is trying to pin this on Fuji and spinning it in the worst possible light. Maybe has a vendetta against Fuji, or just wanting to get attention on his blog.

Considering the positive comments included on that blog in reviews of the X-Pro1 and X-E1, I find it difficult to see evidence of a vendetta or "spinning things in the worst possible light".  It's documenting a flaw, and providing evidence of said flaw.  If Adobe release an update that provides significantly improved X-Trans raw processing, I would not be surprised to see an update showing the improvement on that blog.

Fuji (PR) claim to have supplied the relevant details to Adobe and others, but clearly throwing information over the wall isn't enough.  According to Fuji themselves, they took years to develop the raw processing in house.  It's ultimately Fuji (and Fuji's customers) that are hurt by poor support for X-Trans raw files.

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