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Get a calibrator first

I think you're better off getting a calibrator first and try to calibrate your existing monitor.  You're going to want the calibrator when you get the "good" monitor and having one now would let you see what the screen you're presently using is so you can compare that against what you have now.  Then you can gauge how much you want to put towards a monitor.  I have a Spyder4 but xRite and a few other companies make the "pucks".

I have an ASUS VS series e-IPS monitor.  It runs about 99% of sRGB and 78% of AdobeRGB.  Which is about all one can expect out of a LED backlit monitor (cool and low power were also on my wishlist and most of my images are shared online where sRGB is the standard anyway).  It was also $150 US.  The ASUS PA246Q was the other contender.  It's 98% of AdobeRGB, has a CFL backlight and costs over $500.  But it's a "wide-gammut" monitor.

I'm waiting for RGB LED backlight monitors to take over and then hopefully wide-gamut becomes standard.

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