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Re: Touche!

TThorne wrote:

lxcellent wrote:

If this is all you were saying, then I must accept it and I apologize for overreacting.

No sweat man. Happens to the best of us. If I was more clear about what I was saying, I'm sure that would have helped as well. Sorry about that. Sometimes when being quick with the parody, we forget that it is written communication and that the tone is lost. Had I said it to you in person, you actually may have laughed.

I don't fully believe you were not be snarky, but I suppose that is my (mis)interpretation.

Well you are kind of right in the fact that it was snarky in it's parody, however, it was not meant to belittle. So, only partial misinterpretation.

And by the way, I didn't think you would say it to me in person because, as humans, we tend to be much more civil in person than online. In general, we are less apt to tell someone that their opinion is straight out wrong when face to face. It is civility and politeness that often drives face to face communication because, in the long run, you gain more from that kind of interaction. Too often, we mix up efficiency in message with being overly direct to the point of offense. So, I am sorry that I reacted to your words so quickly and I will try not to read into your future posts beyond what is written in the post itself. I stand down.

I agree with all that. Joking and parody sometimes do not translate well in written communication. You understand that as I know for a fact that you are smarter than the average bear. How do I know that? You and I went to the same school. Congrats my friend.

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