Interesting experience; X14 AF point in 2X mode on EM-5

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Mark Chan Senior Member • Posts: 1,717
Some threads asking how to get the smallest AF box in the fewest button presses; this is my method.

Mark Chan wrote:

On my EM-5. I set the FN2 (next to the play button) to 2x multiplier; and the FN1 (defaulted to tone control) to magnified mode.

The end result is I can press the 2X mode THEN the magnified mode, and get the X14 AF point box within the 2X view.

If you set to RAW + JPEG, it is possible for you to get a RAW image with a more accurate AF.

After setting the above:

Press Fn2 - normal view to digital teleconverter (DTM) mode.

Press Fn1 - a smaller green box comes up - this is the smallest you can get on OMD

Press Fn1 again - you zoom into that AF box. I don't use this and stay with the DTM mode.

Press ok; exit magnified zoom mode but staying in DTM mode.

Press Fn2 - exit to normal view.

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