Oly dominates Japan mirrorless market; Canikon out of the top 3

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Re: Oly dominates Japan mirrorless market; Canikon out of the top 3

How do you know which statistics is correct?

Besides, the one you linked show per camera sale not  per brand. Actually adding up sales of different models of the same brand, still shows Olympus is on top. Nikon adds up to %13.3 total market share while Olympus, Panasonic and Sony all exceed the Nikon share.

In any case, it looks like Sony, while having a superior sensor inside is failing to grasp market share from m4/3 system. I think Sony should reconsider some of their design policy in the Nex system. As an example Nex 6 and 7 lack touchscreen and Nex 5R has a low quality touchscreen (that is use of low quality cheap parts); aside from other shortcomings in the Nex system.

MikeCanon wrote:

The Data is Not-Correct, the Best selling camera in Japan is Nikon V1, Best selling DSLR in Japan is 650D.....


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