RAF support in Aperture, by When??

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Re: RAF support in Aperture, by When??

Zardoz wrote:

itmelo wrote:

I didn't miss any point. In the MIA section of my post, there's Aperture, which I have since it's launch, and DxO. But just because your favorite imaging app does not support a particular camera doesn't mean that nothing else does. There are other options. That was my point.

Not sure why this is so hard for you to understand, but what I said was that there is still no support, in Aperture, for the X-Pro1 after a full year. Nowhere did I claim that there was no support for X-Trans raws in any raw processing tools. It seems like you're just looking for an argument. Problem is, there's no disagreement... just misunderstanding.

What I said was for the benefit of the original OP, not yours. Take it as you wish.

Besides, nothing guarantees that Apple's support if ever comes out, will be "issue" free.

And nowhere was that claimed. In fact, it's likely that Aperture's Fuji raw support, if it ever appears, will be just as fraught with issues as the rest of them.

No comment.

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