Fisheye - Pictures, Comments and Comparisons

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Fisheye - Pictures, Comments and Comparisons

I love shooting with my Nikon 10.5mm DX fisheye lens and tried it on my XE1 with adapter and it worked great. However, I figured that I would likely be using a fisheye with my XE1 far more often than my Nikon D300 because the Fuji is the camera I will be doing everything but action with, and also because the XE1 can handle a much wider dynamic range and a 180 degree view takes in an extreme range. Therefore, I purchased the Rokinon 8mm fisheye for X mount and tested it out. Below are some comments and comparisons to the Nikon.

  1. Rokinon is the same lens as Samyang and Bower. If you like this lens buy the one that costs the least - I got mine from Amazon for $299
  2. Build quality is excellent and I don’t mind the red stripe at all Aperture ring feels more solid than my fujinon 18-55 zoom and moves in 1/2 stops up to f/16, with the next click a full stop away at f/22. This is very welcome as I actually prefer 1/2 vs 1/3 stops, easier to make a change and the difference is only 1/6 stop.
  3. Compared to the Nikon the Rokinon is manual focus (makes it less expensive), and like most manual focus lenses has a nice focusing ring, better than the nikon. Both lenses have 10 elements but the Nikon has 7 aperture blades vs 6 blades of the Rokonon. This means that when creating sunstars the Nikon will have 14 points (odd number of blades = double star points) and the Rokinon has 6 pointed star. (How to shoot sunstars )
  4. Both handle flare well but I think the edge goes to the Rokinon - it always depends on the aperture and position of the bright area in the composition.

The Rokinon looks beautiful on my XE1, see below, while the Nikon, which is only slightly larger, sticks out with the adapter - Not a big deal but everything about the XE1 is easy on the eye including this lens.

A picture will save save me a 1,000 words and a set will do better. Below are some test shots from this weekend. Some show the difference of the Nikon vs Fuji shot from inside the car.

All were shot as jpegs at ISO800 and DR Auto (which was DR400). The test shots out of my car window are untouched and shot around f/16. The others were shot at f/11 and have only slight work like a little bit of shadow/hightlight and slight sharpening. Normally I would have shot a bracketed set of RAW and then had to do a HDR with the sun in the shot and mountains in the shade but the DR400 made the difference. Shooting so much more fun when you don’t have to much post work, just shoot with a little touch up. I love that I can shoot in jpeg. And yes, I will shoot in both raw and jpeg for some important or tricky things.

The 5th picture is a 100% crop of me from the picture above - me in the side view window.

Oh, I will be selling my Nikon fisheye

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