Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

fiftymm wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

That sounds perfectly normal.

Not sure what you mean by "normal". This is supposed to be a professional camera, even an impact that is enough to crack the LCD shouldn't damage the camera internals. Compare this to my D700. I've got thrown off a motor bike at 30mph in Thailand, landed on top of my Nikon D700 + 85mm f/1.4 lens. Yes, landed ON TOP OF MY CAMERA. The camera and lens were just fine (the camera looks a bit beat up, but everything works perfectly). The only downside was that I broke every single bone in my lower right leg... Compare that to this Fuji!

Same thing happened to me in Toronto, but on a bicycle, tyre wedging into the street car rail as I was turning left (left is across traffic, right? I'm in Japan now, and sometimes forget), and I flipped head over hoods and landed on my backpack that was carrying my D200 and at that time 18-70G lens.

Camera underwent worse, too, but still works, now 5 years later. Lens is plastic, so took the impact quite well.

I know for sure that my Canon P, a camera that is far more solid than any current camera on the market, however, would lose its rangefinder alignment at the very least. Fuji made a mistake calling the X-Pro 1 'PRO'.

Those three letters dredge up images of incredibly solid, well-supported cameras, whether from the days of Nikon's F, to the current pro line from the only two companies that still put out pro 35mm SLR's: Canon and Nikon.

I would have to say, though, the D200 is far more solid than the D800.

Pro is so auspicious; it reminds me of the word 'authentic'. Label something authentic and it's like saying: "We're real, guys, really! You can trust us!" Authentic Thai food for instance sounds like it belongs in the backwaters of a very non-Thai population in a far away land. 'Pro' in a name is abysmal marketing.

X-1 would have been far better. Gathers less expectations from people who believe in authenticity, garners less bad press when something goes wrong, and generally makes one's line look less foolish.

Still, with the recent nosedive in X-Pro 1 prices in Japan to less than 850$ USD, I'm eyeing one very keenly. I'm already sold, having bought lens adapter from Hawk's Factory, just waiting for the right moment.

There's nothing professional about the X-Pro 1. You can make your living on any camera. But its ethos and ergonomics (apart from the tiny, chintzy OVF/EVF and lack of manual focus confirmation in the OVF) grip me. Shoot digital just like shooting film: all controls at the finger tips, easily recognisable from the outside, without having to turn the camera on, or tweaking the shutter button to get a bloody ISO, FSTOP, SHUTTER speed readout in the viewfinder as per the D800 crap. Really, Nikon have lost all notion of ergonomics since competing only with Canon. Only Fuji understand that gee whiz gadgets actually complicate the process when there is no tangible feedback.

But they fail in marketing. X-Pro 1 is the silliest name ever invented for an expensive, mostly half-arsed amalgamation of interesting parts.

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