What to make of DxOMark scores

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Re: What to make of DxOMark scores - evaluating high iso performance

Thanks again everyone for the advice. I'm done looking at DxO. The iso comparison tools on dpreview are hands down the best way to evaluate noise and it's great to hear that what I've been doing is what you guys are doing. Seeing multiple cameras side by side and the ability to put one camera on ISO 3200 and compare with another camera at ISO 12800 is perfect. It definitely helps to move around the test shots. I like looking at the blacks, the feathers and the hair sections of the photos. It's great to hear that the approximate 1/2 stop advantage I'm seeing in the D5100 is what others are seeing. It validates what I think I'm seeing. That definitely rules out switching to APS-C Nikon for me. A 1/2 stop just isn't significant enough to switch.

BTW, this forum rocks! There's nowhere else I can get the kind of honest and informed feedback that I get here.

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