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Thanks for replying! - I think you're right, I only used sGray because two profiles show when I chose B&W instead of Colour on the advanced printer settings. It's either sGray or BLACK AND WHITE, the latter shows a totally black preview where-as sGray will work when I print to either 300dpi or 600dpi, so I just ran with what worked there.

I did some googling and can't find an ICC profile for this printer at all, in fact there's some ancient threads here (hence why I joined, although I always read dpreviews of cameras and lenses) and those threads say there's been ICC profiles in the drivers - I went to the HP site and grabbed the last drivers they released (Vista and newer just use Windows Update!) but they don't have ICC profiles in the packages when extracted.

I should've thought to grab a profile for the paper!

When I choose Colour, I do get a billion profiles to choose from and from there from my monitor to my HueyPro - I did try Wide Gamut RBG but that gave me the same effect as before (E.G. Looks like printing but no printing). There also doesn't seem to be any standard Adobe profiles, anything I could try? I've chucked a picture of the available profiles under "Colour" (in advanced printer settings).


Hugowolf wrote:

Nickbp wrote:

Googled my print settings (Like I said, new to the printing game). I've got Photoshop doing the colour management, B&W image so I've got sGray as my profile, Relative colourmetric and black point compensation sorted.. It all seems to be what's the best choice by a few walk-throughs I read! The printer is printing like it's doing it's thing also which is bizzare, it's like it just can't eject the ink.

I would imagine that the sGray profile is your problem, it is a working space not a printer/paper profile. In the Photoshop print dialog, you need to replace sGray with the correct profile for the paper you are using with your printer.

Out of interest, where did you read about using sGray?

Brian A

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