12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

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Re: Panasonic defense hour

Francis Carver wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

I have read complaints about the viewfinder and the GH-3 viewfinder is fine.

Since you hard read the GH3 viewfinder related complaints here and there, by now you should probably know that the GH3's viewfinder is anything but "fine" for a whole lot of honest people.

and a whole bunch of people whipping up a storm about perfectly normal OLED VF behavior that also affects cameras like the Sony NEX-7 for example...

If you monitor is not calibrated and or too old their is a good chance that is a contributing factor.

Good luck finding those high performance constant aperture Micro 4/3 zoom lenses, folks.

I'm very happy with mine, they crank out excellent results in all conditions.

Francis, why do you come here? Many posts you make over time seem unrelentingly negative about everything M43s...

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